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Radiation Safety Officer 2024 - University of Texas Operations Center Building Houston , Texas

06/10/2024 - 06/14/2024

Radiation Safety Officer 2024

About the Course

The overall objective of this interactive course is to provide you with the tools you need in order to ensure the safe and compliant receipt, use, transport, and release of radioactive materials and radiation sources. You will learn how to maintain a high level of compliance with radiation regulations and protocols based on novel research performed by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. You will improve your skills in performing radiation safety surveys, shipping and receiving radioactive materials, and managing and disposing of radioactive waste. This course is designed to meet the established Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Radiation Control training requirements for individuals wishing to become Radiation Safety Officers.


  • Introduction to Radiation Safety
  • Fundamentals of Radiation and Radioactivity
  • Radiation Problem Session


  • Fundamentals Review
  • "Background" Sources of Radiation Exposure
  • Biological Effects of Radiation •Regulatory Dose Limits
  • Internal & External Dosimetry


  • Programs for Controlling Radiation-Producing Devices
  • NORM Overview
  • Life Cycle of Radiation Sources
  • Licensing, Registrations & Regulations
  • Source Security Issues
  • Radiation Protection Program (ALARA)


  • Instrumentation
  • Surveys & Inventories
  • Regulatory Process Overview
  • Waste Management & Transportation
  • Preparing for & Responding to Emergencies
  • Overview of Domestic Terrorist Acts


  • Preparing for & Handling Inspections
  • Regulatory Perspective (TX DSHS)
  • Avoiding Common Violations

Location: University of Texas Operations Center Building 1851 Crosspoint Avenue Houston , Texas 77054
Registration rates:
Early Bird Rate(s) Open 01/16/2024 to 04/21/2024
Early Registration : $900.00
Standard Registration Open 04/22/2024 to 06/10/2024
Regular Registration : $1,050.00
Available Seats: 6